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Learning To Be Content

Contentness. Assuming by the red…

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Clearing Up The Confusion
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Clearing Up The Confusion

My eyes are shut. A live…

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5 Phrases We Should Use Everyday

It’s ten o’clock on Sunday morning and I’m barefoot in my cozy apartment in Brooklyn.

I glance up to check that the heat is switched on, as typing that I was barefoot reminds me I should put socks on. I glance down to type and my hair falls into my face.  As I pull my short strands back into a knot, my hand graces my face, damp with thick moisturizer. I’m trying to be a person that moisturizes. Monochrome comfy clothes cling to my body, speaking volumes to the athlete I’ve become— the type that walks for hours and uses yoga for both physical and mental exercise.

I used to have to craft these types of Sunday mornings. You know, the ones that make you feel like you’re spending it well, even though you aren’t doing much.  Although these types of Sundays seem to come much easier now, one thing has always been true regarding my Sunday mornings. Regardless of my stage of life and the price of moisturizer on my face, I’m always writing, or at least thinking about writing, on Sunday. Today, I’m working to methodically write what I had hoped to be a very thoughtful and effortless blog post— an easy rewrite of a post from this time in 2016.

But as I sit at our white, circular dining room table, sipping the same Trader Joes coffee that earlier this morning Lena delivered to me in bed, and attempt to draft this blog post, my mind resists any sort of focus.

I consider putting socks over my cold feet, collecting the already sorted and pilled worn jeans and workout clothes from the week, and walking downstairs to start a load of laundry. l could circle back to my yoga mat, placed symmetrically on the hardwood floor beside me from my morning routine an hour earlier, and lay and listen to another episode of Monocycle. Stretching and squinting up at the sun-filled Brooklyn sky though the apartment’s skylights until Leandra Medine, and in this case, Lena Dunham have inspired me. But before I even finish that last sentence, my mind skips a few paragraphs ahead and I’m weaving together this overly-descriptive and stress relieving accident of a blog post.

Therefore, I’ll continue.

This past Friday, as I rode the train to meet friends for coffee, I shut out my surroundings by burring my face in an iPhone note and wrote out five phrases I think should be used everyday.

The phrases I listed in the note were:
I feel
I’m capable
(I never got to number five– but it would probably be a swear word)

I Feel

Using “I feel” is an excuse to be honest and vulnerable— two things we should practice daily. Sharing with others how we feel is not only important to building strong relationships but also crucial to creating environments where other’s feel safe to share their emotions. I think that’s really important. Tell your friends and coworkers how you feel, and let them know it’s okay to do the same.

I feel worried that, I feel excited when, I feel afraid to, I feel great/sad/scared/happy…


I searched my iMessage inbox for the word “Let’s” here’s what I found.

Let’s do a short workout and go get a drink.
Let’s get together when you get back to the city.
Let’s try that new coffee shop near NYU. 

I love the word “let’s” because it’s a plural verb, essentially. The word requires action by two people. Using the phrase is often a way to make plans, work together, or create unity. Fitting it into your daily life means exploring more action with others.

Let’s go to, let’s visit, let’s meet, lets talk about…see what I mean?

I’m Capable

Without a doubt the most difficult word on the list to fit in everyday, but possibly the most important.  I, for example, am not capable of doing a handstand in the middle of the room during yoga. I am capable, however, of putting effort towards improving. So when I finish this post up, I’m heading to a three hour inversion yoga workshop to practice my head and hand stands. Saying “I’m capable” is a proclamation of the effort you are willing to put into achieving something.

Even if it’s as small as “I’m capable of being positive today” or “I’m capable of finishing this task” it sets a strong expectation within yourself and makes for a really powerful self-assessment once achieved. What are you capable of today and everyday?  Be sure to tell yourself.


I love the word “we” because to me, it means community and people grouped together.

Using “we” allows others to feel included, builds a sense of unity, and helps us feel less alone.

We make a great team
We can do this
We have to

Holy Sh*t

Or maybe an expressive group of words like “This is the best…”, “Congratulations!”, or a phrase that you wouldn’t say in front of your mother. We use these expressive words and phrases to connect with those around us more intimately, excitedly and genuinely. Plus, it’s fun to feel excited and important to be emotional.

You’re the best
Congrats on your promotion
& my favorite— I love you

It’s now 12:30PM on Sunday afternoon and I realize the Spotify playlist I’m listening to has circled back around as  I’m singing the same Dua Lipa song I did an hour ago.  I think this overly-descriptive and stress relieving accident of a blog post actually became exactly what it was meant to be.

I hope you enjoyed reading and challenge yourself to fit these 5 phrases into your day today.

XO, Lo

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