Power to you! You single, wonderfully fun and attractive human you.  Why waste this fluffy pink and heart-shaped filled day moping around about your lack of dinner plans. I’ve got some ideas to get you through.

  1. Fill your apartment with pink and red helium filled balloons, blare Bruno Mars songs from 2008, moonwalk in fuzzy socks.
  2. Order a pizza, eat the pizza, tattoo ‘No Ragrets’ on your chest.
  3. Turn the oven on, make cookie dough, eat all the cookie dough, whine about your belly ache, forget to turn oven off.
  4. Troll internet trolls.
  5. Coffee mug + all non-expired condiments in the fridge =  weird smelling, absolutely useless face mask.
  6. Dance for money in the subway, make $8, buy seven $1 dollar pizza slices and a Diet Coke.
  7. Download Candy Crush, play Candy Crush with unlimited lives, regain consciousness of your surroundings at 3am.
  8. Put on your bathrobe, clear the living room of furniture, YouTube Madonna “Vogue” dance tutorial.
  9. Scrape the middle from 17 Oreos and place between 2 cookies. Feed extra cookies to your cat.
  10. Swing by CVS at 11:59pm and demand half price heart shaped boxes of chocolates. Eat all the chocolates in the checkout line prior to purchase.
  11. Make an “I’m an Olympic God, with legs that never tire and lungs of steel” Spotify playlist and go for a run. Run to the nearest bodega for Ben and Jerry’s.
  12. Invite your girl friends over and reenact the bonfire scene from The Proposal. Spend the rest of the night watching Betty White on Golden Girls.
  13. Host a “Make Tinder Great Again” party.  Fill the piñata with your roommates left over Christmas candy.
  14. Lay on the floor of your bedroom and practice your Spanish with Siri.
  15. Call your mom, walk her through downloading Venmo, ask for $20.
  16. Sneak into your roommates room, un-pair all their socks, repair socks with mismatched socks.
  17. Buy a wheel of brie. Eat the wheel of brie. Brie the happiest person alive.
  18. Fix your makeup, fix your hair, take selfies until your phone runs out of storage, do not post selfies.
  19. Call your 6 closest friends. Read from Oprah’s memoir until they hang up on you.
  20. Have the best day ever.
    Do something nice for someone else.
    & Love yourself.

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