Just when I thought denim had my whole heart, I stumbled across this unbelievably simple, but chic and sexy, black slip dress. When used for it’s intended purpose, a slip dress hangs loosely between one’s skin and dress to smooth things out and keep the dress off the skin. Well NEWS FLASH, I’ve never been one for practicality, and plan to wear this silk slip dress in every possible way, except the way it is intended.  I imagine you aren’t very surprised.

Before I share with you exactly how and why I styled my black slip dress the way that I did, there are a few things we need to cover first.  At the beginning of 2016 I promised I would post a blog every Thursday. Well, guess what?  I broke that promise in just two short months when l I fell into an Allison and Wonderland rabbit hole better known as “I think I’m too busy to post.”  I completely neglected Ellie Jai for about four months as a result. Bummer, right?  It’s hard to believe that something I love so dearly was easily put to the way side when I allowed other commitments to occupy my time.

The good news is, I’ve shed the people, job, and hardships that unintentionally kept me from doing what I love: thrifting for unique pieces, styling looks for posts, and writing words for total strangers to read.  My lack of commitment to Ellie Jai recently has left me with two choices: I can make a new promise to post more often, or I can simply apologize for being a flaky blogger lately.  I choose both.  Here is my sincere apology for leaving you wondering what impossible way I’ve found to wear denim the last few months.  My apology is followed by a promise to send some pretty rad and thought provoking posts your way this fall.  If you’re sick of outfit photos in front of colored walls and unrecognizable Iowa buildings, you’ll be happy to know that my next string of posts will come straight from the streets of Manhattan, the roof of my Brooklyn apartment, and maybe even the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.  I can’t wait to share my ever-changing style with you as I transition into a Brooklyn-ite next month.

Now that we’ve kissed and made-up, let’s talk about the lingerie-esque item your grandma used to wear under her housecoat, shall we?

I call this one, ‘The Cool Little Sister.’  You know, the one who is care-free, fun loving, and gets away with anything…  If layering tanks over tees feels too Limited Too for you, consider layering a silk cami or slip dress over your favorite vintage tee. Pair it with your favorite denim and you’re on your way to slip dress euphoria.  The challenge here is getting the slip tucked into your jeans in a flattering way.  Which ever way you swing it, this look is effortlessly cool and will most likely have people wondering if they too, should wear their undergarments outside their clothes.  The answer is and should always be, yes.

look 1

If the look above is ‘The Cool Little Sister’, this wide leg pants and choker combination is ‘The Hip Older Cousin’, who somehow always shows up late to holiday dinner.  Like your hip older cousin, this outfit keeps people guessing. Are those pants? A skirt? Dare we ask? No one really cares unless it’s presentable. And lucky for you, wide legs pants and a slip dress are the perfectly presentable combo that even Grandma will approve of.


In an effort to keep things consistent, this outfit below is titled, ‘The Best Friend.’ It’s reliable, adventurous, and perfectly comfortable.  I’ve never had a best friend who I couldn’t rely on for a killer time, but also cozy snuggles when the going gets rough. Throw your slip dress over a Madewell cotton tee and singe it with your favorite jacket.  You’ll leave the house feeling comfortable, but sassy.  Like your bestie, this look won’t let you down. Or maybe it will, but you’ll make up eventually.

Look 3

Alright, lets wrap it up with ‘The Girlboss.’  Seriously, this look is all about going rouge and wearing the slip dress in it’s simplest form.  This outfit will easily have everyone in envy knowing  you didn’t try that hard, but still look great.  Spice it up with a belt or heels, or don’t.  Either way, the combination of sexy and simple screams powerful and confident. You literally can’t go wrong.  Plus, what other reason do you need to say the word girlboss multiple times throughout the night?  None.  Now, go get yourself a slip dress, girlboss.


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