The events surrounding the new year are some of my favorite times to make the most out of my outfits.  Whether it’s for busy shopping trips, a workplace party, or New Year’s Eve celebration, each occasion is a new excuse to look great and really express your inner self through a fun, fitting outfit.  It’s perfectly fine to go a little over the top this holiday season and as we kick of 2016.  Challenge yourself to constantly look your best. New year, new you— right?  Below I’ve outlined five different ways to keep things stylish as we kick off 2016 with minimal effort.

Black, Black, and More Black

Black is a cure-all for any outfit crisis.  Having a hard time finding an outfit for afternoon coffee with an old friend?   Skinny jeans, boots, and a sweater— all black— makes getting dressed simple, while keeping a chic, stylish look.  I love these simple black boots from Matt Bernson,  I’d pair these with black skinnies, a wool coat and oversized black knit scarf to head to the mall.

Check out these other great black pieces that make for a perfect go-to outfit anytime this winter.

Free People, Forever 21, Matt Bernson, Black Clothes, Zara Black Top

Black Oversized Blouse, $49.90, Zara
Hi-rise Black Skinny’s, $68, Free People
Black Mock Neck Slit Top, $22.90, Forever 21

If you haven’t caught on yet— belts are back. Pair this belt with any all-black outfit and you’re instantly Gigi Hadid Instagram worthy. Or check out the belts in your mom’s closet. I found one very similar to Gigi’s in my mom’s closet. SCORE.

Raid Mom’s Closet

If your mom’s hoarding habits are similar to my mother’s, she kept every wool skirt, silk blouse, and pair of high-waisted Levi’s from her 30s. Even better— my mom kept her Hang Ten crop tops, denim skirts, and fur coats. Bless her. Styles and fabrics from our mother’s past wardrobes are coming back full circle and make the perfect compliment to pieces off today’s racks.

High waisted Levi’s with a sequin crop top and black heeled boots for a new year bash? YES. Like Rihanna here.
Retro silk blouse paired with leather leggings and a wool trench, like this? EVEN BETTER.

While you’re visiting Mom and Dad for the holidays or early in 2016, be sure to do a little closet shopping, with permission of course. You and your mom will majorly bond over her good and questionable purchases from the 80s.


Fur, glitter, sequins, lace— on their own or all at once. Mixing up textures is a seriously simple way to look stylish with minimal effort. In the look below I paired denim and shimmer gold nylon to make a fun, party-ready look. It was a super simple look and so much fun to wear!

runway, iowa models, stylist, iowa fashion

Faux fur coats are a serious staple this season, and reasonably so!  They are the perfect statement piece to compliment even the most basic outfits. Because statement coats tend to last just a single season, shop for a reasonably priced faux fur coat at Zara, Asos, or Forever 21.

Consignment and thrift stores are another great place to find high-end fur or faux fur coats for a steal.

topshop fur coat, forever 21 fur coat, zara fur coat, faux fur coat

Here are three perfect examples that will make your entrance to 2016 soiree a little more dramatic, and warm of course:

Black Faux Fur Patchwork Coat, $70, Topshop
Oxblood Gal Who Shagged Me Faux Fur Coat, $118, Nasty Gal
White Faux Fur Duster, $34, Forever 21 

Get Weird

Take it how you want– There are no rules this year when it comes to styling outfits. If your instincts tell you to pair wool socks and clogs, or wear a pajama top to work by all means make it work. Some of my favorite outfits have had my family—my brother in particular— questioning my fashion choices. Chalk that up as a win. Man Repeller is the queen of weird (good weird) and I get a ton of inspiration from the blog as well as CEO Leandra Medine’s Instagram. Check it out and feel free to get weird in 2016.


Comfy, Stylish Basics

Let’s get real, keeping yourself together at all moments of this busy year will be quite a task. Last minute errands, long work hours, and traveling to visit family can take a toll on your effort to look great at all times. Be sure to pack your most comfy basics that can easily be paired with nicer pieces if needed. Well made joggers, quality fabric tees, and investment leggings make those long days a little more stylish- and most importantly, effortless. Forget packing your pilled sweaters, see-through cheap leggings, and scuffed up tennis shoes. Kick-start 2016 by investing in some quality basics that will last and allow any comfy to look a little more put together.

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