Hannah Pratt

Age: 25
City: Portland, OR
Career: Community Creator, Curator of Community Experiences, Entrepreneur
Dream Career: I am in the heat of my dream career. The ability to work for myself and create spaces and experiences for my community and the people I love.
Instagram: @hannaheliz.beth


What advice do you have for dealing with stress?
Boy! Have I had my days of stress. I have tried it all! Here are 3 ways I relieve stress:
I am a verbal communicator so talking it out always helps me clear my head. I highly recommend counseling. Not because I am messed up and need to treat my bad behavior but because I want to continue growing into the person that best suites my heart and soul. That takes hard work, a clear mind, and a desire to change your outcome. Seeing a therapist is like meeting with a very loyal and trustworthy friend who can also be mind-blowingly insightful.

Listen to your body and Yoga! Yoga! Breathing! Yoga! Lay on the floor or your mat and breathe. Feel your body again. Get in check with what your physical self is telling you. We often miss little signals or have side effects of built up stress. For example – I had HIGH stress, continual back pain and digestion issues (for about 3 years)- I started exercising and meditating. While moving through certain sequences I could pinpoint exact areas in my back that needed help. Did some research to find that my bed was too soft. What?! Three years of misery because I kept “upgrading” my beds to cradle me instead of support me?! Yes. My husband and I bought an extra firm mattress, initially thinking we probably made a mistake. We both had instant relief. I now have no back pain and have stopped paying chiropractic bills! This new mattress has also drastically improved my digestion and how my husband and I communicate and love each other. Who knew?!

I find that I am less stressed if I am thinking about other people. Note: I haven’t stopped thinking about myself and what Hannah needs. I have simply adjusted my thinking to positively impact people I come in contact with. It’s selfish really! I make others feel happy, loved, appreciated and understood, which in turn gives me a dopamine boost and I feel happy and satisfied.

Find yourself in a slump, how do you motivate yourself?
Change up your natural environment. We have all been there. Sitting in a dreary office, cooped up in your home or looking at the same document for hours on end. Change your environment. Go on a thinking hike. Take a bath. Go to a coffee shop. Change the color scheme of your home office. Light a fragrant candle.

The best thing a woman can be is
The best thing a woman or anyone for that matter, can be is emotionally intelligent. The capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.


What is your best relationship advice?
Romantically, don’t settle. You may give up all hope of finding a decent human that checks off your extremely long list and a few months later you are moving into the apartment above the man that far surpasses your list and you never thought was out there. Stop searching, don’t give up hope, don’t compare yourself to your friends and love yourself well.

Non-romantically, don’t be afraid to sift through the crowd and lower your expectations. This doesn’t mean treat people like crap and exclude them from all things relational. It is however, okay to choose your distance. I am very influenced by the energy of people around me. The best change I have made in life thus far has been to pick a select few people who hold my heart. People who inspire me, encourage me, and fill my love box. They are also people who I know will give equally to the friendship. For the rest of humanity – I use my energy strategically to love and care for people. These people I don’t expect anything from them in return.

What issue regarding women is important to you and how are you supporting it?
The question below goes hand in hand with this one! Women…in the same room…engaging and loving one another. That is my main goal as a community curator this year. I have multiple outlets in the works for this. “Women’s collective” a society of talented and driven women in Portland that are diving into discussions about their businesses and other passions. The heart behind this society is for women to have a chance to have deep encounters with one another and develop more profound relationships than we get through social media and brief discussions at work or with neighbors. Each woman will leave that space with a game plan of support for one another. These relationships are not left at the door, they follow you outside into daily life and penetrate the lives of fellow Portlanders.

What is the best way to bounce back from a failure/mistake?
Forgiveness, grace and checking yourself. If you are anything like me you beat yourself up every time you realize you have a flaw. Give yourself a time limit for dwelling on your mistake and for feeling sorrow. I usually give myself 30 minutes.

For Fun

List three things you love right now
My husband
Great food

I feel most confident when I’m wearing…
Pieces that make me feel sexy. I bought a white jumpsuit from Anthropologie recently and it feels LIKE BUTTA! It has a plunging neckline and an open back but I still feel modest. As soon as I put it on there are eyes on me like i’ve never experienced before! I feel like I casually hit the red carpet. Find that one piece that you love, spend the money and pull it out when you feel like crap!

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