Kelsey Quinn

Age: 26
City: Portland, OR
Career: Collegiate track & field/cross country coach
Dream Career: My current one
Instagram: @kquinnnnn


Your favorite way to be active. Why do you love it?
RUNNING. Running has a way of making you feel like a total boss while still keeping you incredibly humble. You can never “conquer” running. There is always room for improvement, and I love that. Plus, there is nothing else that can quite bring me down from anger/stress/overthinking like running can.

What advice do you have for dealing with stress?
I suggest exercising to blow off steam, then making yourself a huge cup of tea and calling whoever is best at reminding you of how tough you are and how much you are crushing it at life. I also suggest cat cuddles, but if you have no cat then any sort of pet or friend’s pet will substitute in nicely.

The best thing a woman can be is
Rubber (just like we said in elementary school). Letting unwarranted opinions and advice bounce off you is key to thriving.


You’re in a room of teenage girls, what is the best advice you can give them?
Never take to heart the opinions of those you don’t respect. My 8th grade math teacher had that posted on her wall, and it has stuck with me since. There will always be opinions and words spoken that hurt, but often times they are said by someone we would never choose to spend our time with if we had the choice; why sweat it over those people?

What issue regarding women is important to you and how are you supporting it?
Equality at work. To be specific, equality in how women are treated versus men who hold the same job position. As the only female collegiate head coach in the Pacific Northwest, I am highly aware of how I am spoken to and treated, and yet I still must routinely remind myself I should always speak up when I am being disrespected, even when it can be nerve-wracking. I also frequently talk to my athletes about how they treat each other and specifically women in authority, because it is a topic that is not often brought up around college students, and it is important to be aware of.

What is the best way to bounce back from a failure/mistake?
See it as a major learning experience. If you fail, you know what not to do next time, and you may just help someone else from making the same mistake.

What advice would you give a young woman about seeking a career?
Even though you hear it all the time, finding a career you are passionate about is SO important. The only way to get the best out of yourself in a career is to care about it deeply. The alternate is to go through the motions, which is no way to spend your days.

For Fun

List three things you love right now
Broccoli, adorable cat videos, Injinji toe socks

Tips for saving money in your 20s?

Live beneath your means. Know how much you need to spend to survive and how much you make, then set a percent to save each month! Have it automatically withdrawn from your paycheck so you don’t feel tempted to spend it. Leave yourself some “fun” money aside from your survival amount, but don’t make purchases you can’t afford (hello, 2018 Lexus with a huge monthly payment). Pay off student debt as soon as possible. Invest in relationships, not money-sucking habits (I’m looking at you, daily venti white chocolate mocha-ist).

Who do you aspire to be more like? Why?
This sounds general, but any of my 6 best girlfriends. They are all incredibly intelligent, strong, hilarious and beautiful, and they each are killing it in their perspective career and life situations, not to mention how strong the fashion game is of the crew. Having been surrounded by them since college, I’ve learned what it means to be confident in yourself, how to stay close despite being thousands of miles apart, and how to eat more guacamole than you can ever imagine.

What beauty product can you not live without?
Coconut oil!!

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