Lauren Beltramea

Age: 20
City: Redding, CA
Career: Restaurant server, also a student
Dream Career:  Full-time Youtuber, beauty and lifestyle blogger/vlogger. To innovate and create my own company or organization that is beauty/fashion related and also inspires women and girls to find their self worth and identity.
Instagram: @laurbeltrameaxoxo, Youtube: Laurenwithapassion


What advice do you have for dealing with stress?
I think it is so important to always stay thankful and hopeful. I find that when I feel myself becoming overwhelmed with aspects of my life, I like to take some time to just pause. Pause and put my life into perspective. I’ll begin to think about all the things that I am thankful for, all of the crazy amount of blessings in my life, and despite all of the things going wrong. I choose to focus on what in fact is going right. This brief time of reflection and gratitude, changes my mindset and outlook very quickly.

Favorite way to be active? Why do you love it?
I love classic workouts in a gym or at home but I also find it just as important to have an all around active lifestyle. Finding little ways to be more active through out your day is important for your overall well being and health. My favorite way to be more active is finding anything to do outdoors. I love grabbing a friend and going for a bike ride, driving up to the mountains to go for a hike or going on a sunset walk on the walking trail by my house. This trail in my town loops around my city and ends up with a gorgeous view of the city and the Sacramento River, I love it! I love getting into the sunshine and finding ways to be more active. I think fresh air is good for the soul 🙂


Advice to women regarding body image
My best advice would be to learn how to fully love and accept yourself. It is going to be a constant challenge in life to love others fully until you have chosen to first love yourself. Loving yourself well is a broad aspect but I think it involves caring for your physical needs (eating healthy, staying active) as well as caring for your soul needs (having a fun time with friends, taking time to relax and pamper yourself.) Loving yourself well involves choosing to see your beauty and accept your flaws. No one is perfect and I think that it is time that us women stop putting so much unnecessary pressure on ourselves.

The best thing a woman can be is:
In true Lauren fashion, I can not pick just one. So I have narrowed it down to two. A woman should always be confident and kind. I find that in all of the countless women I have met, the most awe-striking ones, are the women with firm confidence.  In a world where beauty is fleeting and trends are constantly evolving, the one kind of beauty that will always remain timeless is the beauty of a kind and humble heart.

In 2017 I think it’s important that women
In 2017 I think it’s important that women stop putting limitations on themselves and start dreaming for more. Don’t agree to settle for the career that everyone tells you should have or to take the path that everyone tells you would be best. Travel to that place that you have always wanted to go to and try that new hobby that you have always wanted to try. Work harder than you thought you could and dream bigger than you ever have before. This world is big and there’s only one of you. The world needs to hear your voice and feel your presence. Don’t let your time on this big and vast Earth pass by without letting her know the capacity of your greatness. Without exploring the beauty of this wondrous Earth. Dream big. Work hard. Achieve more than you ever imagined.

For Fun

What beauty product can I not live without
I am a huge lover of all things makeup and beauty, so a world with only one makeup product would be a sad sad world to me. BUT If I could only pick one makeup product to have for the rest of my life I would probably pick mascara. I love the look of a fresh and clean face but adding a little bit of mascara to any “no makeup look” just adds the perfect amount of glamour to any ordinary day. A girl can conquer the world by batting some long, dark, full lashes 😉

I feel most confident when I’m wearing
Heels. I’m all about some cute and casual street shoes or high tops… But on days where I want to feel a little more feminine and fun, I love wearing a good pair of heels.

A goal you have in 2017
I am a big “lists” person. I love constantly making and arranging lists. So when it comes to the New Years, I love making tons and tons of goals and resolutions. I also love any opportunity to start fresh and dream big. My main goal for 2017 is to pursue more health; body, soul and spirit. Yes this means eating healthier and getting more active. Also this looks like taking better care of my skin and protecting it from the sun. This also means taking more time for myself through out the week to do something I enjoy, laughing more often and spending lots of quality time with the ones that I love. This looks like adventuring more through out my new home of California and enjoying the simple things in life like coffee in the morning and the sunset at night. I am devoted in 2017 to live a year of intentionality, authenticity, health and love. Oh and dreaming. Dreaming lots!

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