Rosemary Dorsett

Age: 27
City: New York, NY
Career: Healthcare and Biotech Advertising Account Supervisor
Dream Career: Yoga and Wellness Social Club Owner
Instagram and website: @rodorsett,


Your favorite way to be active. Why do you love it?
Yoga 🙂 I practice every day at my favorite studio Sky Ting, it’s brought so much joy and dynamism into my life. I come from a very serious athletic background (I grew up rowing and participating in other endurance sports) so training, and training hard, has always been a huge part of my lifestyle. I got serious about my yoga practice when I was working for a crisis communications firm and found that it was so much more than a physical practice and really gave me a much needed reset for my nervous system. Yoga has given me so many tools and techniques that I can apply off the mat in my daily life that not only makes me a better person but also helps me create deeper connections in my life. Old habits die hard and I still have a pretty big competitive streak that I indulge with an occasional Barry’s Bootcamp class with Rebecca Kennedy, she is a stickler for form in class so I know I’ll get a safe and killer workout.

Three ways you get inspired
1) Travel! Experiencing new cultures, people, places, ideas and getting out of your day to day routine is always eye opening especially if it has to do with #2
2) Spend time in nature or by the ocean, having an experience that makes your feel both big and small at once is so important to put things in perspective
3)  Spend a day wandering through a museum, preferably the MoMA or Met, or reading

Find yourself in a slump, how do you motivate yourself?
It’s important to balance having a routine with being non-habitual. Once you start changing up your universe that’s when you become more available to new experiences and opportunities.

If I’m feeling stuck or stagnant I’ll look carefully at how I’ve been spending my time over the past few weeks and flip my routine on its head. And I mean my entire routine, nothing is off limits, from my commute to work, to the classes I’m taking, what music I’m listening to, what I’m eating, how I’m spending my free time, who I’m hanging out with the most.

My friends and I started going to figure drawing classes lately and it’s been the most cathartic and fun experience but also something I haven’t done since high school. It actually inspired one of my good friends to start hosting a monthly workshop Stretch N Sketch: 1 part yoga, 2 parts drawing, and it is the silliest and most fun, non-habitual thing I’ve done. (Next one is on March 16th and I’m coteaching if you want in!).


You’re in a room of teenage girls, what is the best advice you can give them?
You first.

I think in 2017 it’s important that women…
support and elevate each other consistently and continuously because when one of us succeeds we all succeed

What is the best way to bounce back from a failure/mistake?
One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Samuel Beckett: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.”

Recognizing that failure is actually the most important part to success and it’s not personal – just because a project doesn’t go well doesn’t mean you are personally a failure. Reframing failure as something to be proud of and actually own it because it means you’re putting yourself out there, you’re trying and you’re learning and that’s the only way to get closer to success. I know I’m my own worst critic so framing feedback in a way that is constructive is so important so you don’t go don’t a rabbit hole obsessing over the bad and totally missing the good. And it’s never about being perfect or never making one mistake, it’s about gathering as much information as you can from your past experiences to inform how you’ll handle the present.

The best thing a woman can be is

For Fun

What is a goal you have in 2017? Why is it important?
A big goal of mine is to be more involved and consistent in charity and philanthropy work. I’m currently teaching donation-based classes at Sky Ting to benefit Planned Parenthood and would love to do more work regarding access to affordable health care and reproductive health education and awareness. It’s so important to understand your own body and have the ability to see a specialist when something is wrong.

I feel most confident when I’m wearing
My own skin (you can interpret that however you want)

Who do you aspire to be more like? Why?
Me in 10 years. I don’t think it’s useful to try to aspire to be anyone other than yourself. I definitely have strong mentors and role models in my life, but I don’t think they’d want me to try to be them either. If you have to chase down someone it might as well be the best version or the next version of yourself.

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