Elyse Fox

Age: 20-something :))
City: Brooklyn, NY
Career: Filmmaker
Dream Career: To build and develop my own creative agency for female artists
Instagram: @elyse.fox


Your favorite way to be active. Why do you love it?
Although I haven’t done it in a bit I love skateboarding. I’m not one to go work out at the gym and it’s something I’m changing, but skating is something I’ve loved for such a long time. It makes me feel recharged and it makes exploring NYC a lot easier.

Three ways you get inspired
1) I detox from social media and write out different color theories, camera shots, and stories I want to portray in my new work
2) I bounce ideas around with friends
3) I study my favorite artists and eras

How are you working to inspire others?
My brand, ProducedByGirls is a platform created to share the journeys of female artists around the country. Through film I’m able to capture the amazing stories of blossoming artists and inspire millions.
I recently started an anonymous online social club for young women facing depression with no outlet for advice. It’s called ‘Sad Girls Club.’

What makes you feel strong?
Carrying four Trader Joe’s grocery bags home on the L train during rush hour with no pit stops


What issue regarding women is important to you and how are you supporting it?
I think mental health is an important topic that’s rarely discussed in public. Through the Sad Girls Club platform girls/women are able to vent, seek advice & share their stories without the fear of judgement or rejection. I’m excited to announce our 1st summit February 25th at The Wing 🙂

I think in 2017 it’s important that women…because…
Create their own movements within our communities, because we outnumber oppressors and have the power to change if we start within our own neighborhoods.

What is the best way to bounce back from a failure/mistake?
Own the error, learn from it then move on with life.

The best thing a woman can be is
an inspiration

For Fun

What song/playlist pumps you up?
Big Mouth Strikes Again-The Smiths & Bad & Boujee-Migos

What is a goal you have in 2017? Why is it important?
My goal in 2017 is to become more involved in helping the youth in my community. Growing up I used to hear that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and I agree. If children had positive role models outside of television and sports to look up to, seek guidance and encouragement from then we’re instantly enhancing our community and the country:

I feel most confident when I’m wearing
Bomb ass lingerie!

Victoria >

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