Mercedes Potter

Age: 26
City: Denver, CO
Career: Sales & Design at A Small Print Shop, and Owner/Seamstress at Show Me Yours Lingerie
Dream Career: Sewing Show Me Yours full-time, with some freelance design on the side
Instagram: @mrcdspotter and @showmeyourslingerie


What advice do you have for dealing with stress?
I always take things one at a time when I’m stressed out. Writing lists and checking items off helps me tremendously, and keeps me focused on one thing at a time, rather than staring down a giant ball of stress mess. Bullet journaling in this way has saved my life!

What makes you feel strong?
Remembering all that I’ve been through in my life, and seeing where I am now. My father died when I was an infant, my mother was an abusive meth addict for 20+ years, I’ve been through abusive relationships, I’ve been sexually assaulted, the list goes on. Yet, I’m still here. I’ve been through so many things that could have broken me, but I survived. Anytime I start to feel weak, I remember that I can handle anything.

Your favorite way to be active. Why do you love it?
My favorite way to stay active is by practicing aerial circus arts. I’m not a runner, and I’m not committed enough to keep up a normal gym routine. But flying around on a silk and using my muscles to lift my full body weight over my head and into a beautiful knee hang is addictive. I also love the musculature it has given me.

The best thing a woman can be is
STRONG. Now more than ever, women need to stand strong, protect their sisters, and be active in what they believe in. We need to show the world what we’re capable of, and that you can’t mess with us. We are 51% of the population, and we aren’t afraid to fight for our rights.


What is your best relationship advice for another woman?
My mother always told me that only YOU can make yourself happy. Don’t rely on another human being to make your life better, to make you happier, to make everything fall into place. You need to be strong enough to support yourself, you need to find the things that make you happy and pursue them, and you need to take charge of your own life. The right person will fit in perfectly with the life you have built for yourself, and then you can lift each other up together.

What issue regarding women is important to you and how are you supporting it?
One major issue I’m very passionate about is Planned Parenthood. Our government is working very hard to defund PP, putting an end to so many women’s only source of female healthcare. I was one of those women, twice. PP found a lump in my right breast, and got me on the right track to having it surgically removed. PP also found that I had contracted HPV somehow, and that my cells were becoming ‘abnormal’ (which can lead to cervical cancer). Once again they did all of the necessary testing and treating, and held my hand when I cried through the whole procedure. I will always stand with Planned Parenthood, I will always preach their benefits. Currently I am supporting it by joining the Denver Women’s March on January 21st, to remind our new administration that we will not back down, and we will not lose our rights. I am also working to correct all misinformation I see on social media about PP, something I see DAILY by so many conservatives I grew up with in small-town Iowa. I am also looking into becoming a clinic escort for women who have to walk through the lines of anti-abortion protestors to the doors of Planned Parenthood.

Can you speak to the power of female friendships/bonds?
Female friendships are one of the most powerful bonds I’ve experienced. My girls got me through my sexual assault. They were the first people I told, and the first people to come to my rescue. They’ve been there on dark days when I’ve needed to cry or vent or just lay silent, they’ve been there on my best days, too. Women lifting up other women is such a pure phenomenon, and I’m lucky to experience that.

What advice can you give a young woman regarding body image?
Body image is something nearly every woman struggles with at some point in her life, and my best advice would be to stop comparing yourself to others. If you want to focus on your body and make changes, do it for yourself and no one else. Take healthy steps towards your goals, and don’t punish yourself for giving in to temptation every once in a while. A donut isn’t going to kill you, take it from an expert.

For Fun

List three things you love right now
Bullet journaling, plain crewneck sweatshirts, and really thick socks with boots

What is a goal you have in 2017? Why is it important?
One of my many goals for 2017 is to support more female artists and makers. I spent a little over a year living in Des Moines, IA, where the DSM Girl Gang thrives. It’s a collective of female artists that puts on art shows and classes to learn new skills and crafts, etc. It showed me how many talented women there are in that small community, and also how difficult it is to find a space to present yourself as a female artist without this collective. So, I want to support more female makers by buying their art, bragging about their immense talent on my social media, and hopefully sparking someone else to support them, as well. I’m all about lifting up other women.

I feel most confident when I’m wearing
Show Me Yours Lingerie, of course! 😉

Best style/fashion advice in one sentence?
Wear whatever the hell you want, don’t worry about anyone else’s thoughts on the matter

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