Melinda Quesenberry

Age: 33
City: Honolulu, HI
Career: Yoga Instructor
Dream Career: World Traveler and Author of a Best Selling Book


Your favorite way to be active. Why do you love it?
Besides yoga, I love hiking and playing in the ocean. There is an indescribable magic that comes with spending time in nature. It clears the mind, heals wounds and provides a sense of connectedness- to something far greater than the self.

Three ways you get inspired
Reading. Photography. Talking with like-minded individuals.

What advice do you have for dealing with stress?
Yoga Nidra. When I feel stressed, anxious, unable to get calm, I lie in my bed and play an audio recording of Yoga Nidra from Youtube. It’s a surefire technique to calm my physical body and mind. While my stressors may still be present after my practice, I feel better able to tackle whatever it is from a calm and open space.


Who is one female, other than your mother, that propelled, supported, or gave you an opportunity in your life or career? What was her best advice?
Natalie Cruz. She hired me to teach yoga at my first “big” studio. I was nervous, intimidated and scared. I was also in the midst of a very difficult time of my life. One day I was an emotional mess and I called an hour before class to say that I couldn’t teach. She told me that I had to, there was no one else available. She said, “Just show up, and breathe with your students”. At the time I hated her, how could she do this to me, did she have no empathy for a wounded woman. In the end, that advice saved me. One day a week, no matter what was going on in my messy life, I would show up and “just breathe with my students”. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to teach yoga and for her life changing advice.

What issue regarding women is important to you and how are you supporting it?
Community. Instead of judging and criticizing one another, I believe we need to come together to love, support and uplift one another. At the core we are all the same. We all want to be loved and to feel accepted.

I recently deleted all forms of social media. I had this realization that while yes in some way I was “connected” to mass amounts of people, I was really only getting glimpses into their lives and they into mine, I didn’t actually feel a connection to any of them. Instead of spending my time scrolling through my feed or contriving up my next great post to accompany my fab image, I wanted to invest my energy in meeting people, face-to-face. Getting to know people on a “real” personal level- I want to sit on the beach and watch sunset with you, get coffee or lunch, go for a hike and hear about your struggles and joys and laugh until we cry. I crave face-to-face connection and I decided to put my energies into getting out there and meeting people, asking people to coffee to get to know them better and spending more time chatting it up with individuals. Creating interpersonal relationships, the old school way!

The best thing a woman can be is
True to herself

For Fun

List three things you love right now:
Kundalini Yoga. You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. Denim shortall’s.

What song/playlist pumps you up?
I have a soft spot for gangster rap music 😉
“Old Thing Back” by Notorious B.I.G.
Ironically, I jam out to this song on my way to teach mediation 😉

What is a goal you have in 2017? Why is it important?
I had this thought coming into 2017… I’ve always been big on setting goals, some of them I accomplish and many of them I don’t. This year I thought to myself- How do I want to “feel” in 2017 and what kind of person do I want to be in the world? And my answer to that is…. I want to be healthy, kind, compassionate, loving, inspiring, patient and humble. I believe that by setting this intention, so to speak, I am setting the tone for the things I want to attract into my life this year.

I feel most confident when I’m wearing…
My late Grandmothers aquamarine ring. It serves as a reminder that she is always with me, watching over me and protecting me, and with her by my side I can accomplish anything!

Who do you aspire to be more like? Why?
I aspire to be more like children. I admire the wonder in their eyes as they examine a leaf, their ability to forgive and let go and the endless awe they exude for life.

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