My favorite things to fill my closet with are unique, fun, novelty items.  Not super practical– but they are the items that you spot from across the store, on a blogger, or in an Instagram post and think– “I HAVE to have it! It’s art. I’m going to wear that with xxx.” Just me?

Shopping for these unique pieces can be tricky, but I have some guidelines to keep yourself from purchasing something you’ll wear once, and then allow it to collect dust in the back of your closet.

Answer these questions before purchasing a novelty item, or any item for that matter:

Do I have to have it?  Is it crucial that your closet has said piece hanging in it?  The answer is always no, but it’s a good question to ask.  Admitting you don’t need the item will force you to think harder about the purchase, ensuring it is a good one.

Have your thought about it for two weeks straight? I like to allow time to pass before I purchase an item, just to confirm that I really can’t live without it. Try it on, think it over, and leave the store without making a purchase. If a week or two later you’re still thinking about that jacket or pair of sneakers that you really loved, allow yourself to make the purchase.

Have I seen a million other girls wearing this? If the answer is yes, go ahead and skip it. If tons of girls have already been spotted in said particular item, it’s a trend, and more than likely already on the decline.

What will I wear this with?  If you have 3-4 items you think it will pair great with, go ahead and purchase.

Am I buying this for myself because I love it and the way it makes me feel? If the answer is no, back away from the item and leave without a purchase. If the answer is yes, treat yo’ self!

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