My eyes are shut. A live version of the Lumineers’s Sleep On the Floor has me overcome with a really strong desire to jump in the car that I don’t have and drive cross country.  Sun on my skin, wind in my hair. A carefully curated playlist and really good, down to earth people.  The toaster pops and I take a sip of my coffee; I’m jolted back to reality inside my Brooklyn apartment.

I reach for my phone and send a text to Bethany. Bethany and I lived together for three blissful years back in college, and she’s always been someone I can confide in and go to with any sort of confusion.  From outfit planning, to dating advice and recipes, we wholeheartedly have each other’s backs.

This particular time, the text read:

I feel like I’m in a transition period with my wardrobe where I’m realizing the need for items that easily transition from work to play. The same outfits I wear to the office need to take me to happy hour, after work events at the Wing, and to my roommate’s evening shows at a bar on the Lower East Side.

So at the wake of being confused about my wardrobe, I sit down and write out a planned list before I head out shopping.   The Lumineers live concert playing in the background sends me into a second spiral of confusion about life itself and the way we choose to live it.

Have you ever felt confused about your next steps in life?  So often people ask me what’s next after New York.

My answer– How could I possibly know!?

I still take the wrong subway sometimes and I haven’t even made it through a fourth of the restaurants listed in my iPhone notepad. I’m still figuring out how to make life here feel normal, let alone think about what the future holds.

It’s important to think of the next steps, but also really important to live for the moment and find comfort living in the present without feeling overwhelmed with confusion on what’s next.

If you too are confused about your wardrobe, your next steps in life, or your current circumstances, I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I find that the most clarity comes when I live and plan out life based on small daily decisions that make me the happiest in that moment.

When I’m out shopping for spring clothes, I’ll buy pieces that make me feel confident and powerful. I’m happy when I feel confident and powerful.  This mind set helps me avoid the stress of shopping based on what’s hot right now or trying to predict trends before they happen, and build my wardrobe based on pieces that are very ‘Lauren’.

And when it comes to life, my best advice is to let the small decisions add up to the big ones. In order to do that it means letting go of the fear of the unknown future and putting small practices that make us happy into play in daily life. Worrying less about a move in 3-5 years and more on making the absolute best of everyday in the present, for example. 

For me, those small decisions are setting and achieving goals, exercising my mind and body everyday, investing in my relationships and having a courageous spirit.  What small decisions can you make on a daily basis to help clear up the confusion of your future moving forward? 

It’s freeing to admit that we feel confused! If you have a friend like I do Bethany, shoot him/her a text and admit it. Ask for help and guidance, then start working on those small steps towards clearing it up.  If it helps, put on some Lumineers and make a list, that’s what I did.

Like always, you and me, we got this!

XO, Lo

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