Today we’re talking yoga. Well, actually lets back up. Right now, you are reading day one of 30 daily blogs.

In these thirty days we’ll cover:
things I love
things I don’t love
things I feel
things I notice
things that make me want to jump for joy
and maybe even things that make me want to scream

Regardless of what it is I have to share, you’ll get to enjoy reading about something new each day, for 30 days straight. Hope you enjoy!

So day one, I feel like talking about yoga.  My favorite thing about yoga?  Yoga allows me an hour each day away from a phone or computer screen.  I spend eight hours a day staring into the black hole that is my computer screen, and then, I go for a run with music, text my friends, scroll around on Instagram, or am back on my computer writing.  I’m constantly connected.  I am not ashamed to admit that the hour of forced disconnection is my absolute favorite thing about practicing yoga. I am not tempted to check my phone, I am not worried about responding to an email, I am free from any outside asks for 60 minutes, and it’s pure bliss.

The second reason I ‘double tap’ yoga is that it is uncomfortable. By uncomfortable, I mean challenging. And by challenging I mean, you will put your body in positions that make you shake, feel dizzy, and wonder how you have such little balance even though you danced for 12 years and are above average athletic.  People don’t practice yoga because they love twisting their body into odd shapes. They practice yoga because it challenges the body and mind.

When I say it challenges your mind, I mean it. You will think about some of the most random, deep, terrifying thoughts during 60 minutes of practice, if you allow yourself.  Money, exes, loved ones dying, I’ve thought about it all.

Good news is though, this leads to reason #3 that daily yoga is the bomb.  For one hour, you get to very consciously control your thoughts while hip, moody music plays in the background. You get to metaphorically pop the bubbles floating around your head that may include “I have to get this done at work today” or “wow, my belly is folding over these yoga pants in this pose.”  You can have those thoughts, and you can dismiss them.  Because, that’s what yoga is all about, focusing on your breath, being present, and dismissing the thoughts that we can think about later or shouldn’t be thinking at all.

Essentially, committing to the challenge of practicing yoga feels great. You don’t need to do headstands, and you definitely don’t need to own a single thread of Lulu Lemon to get some major benefit out of a daily yoga practice.

Challenge: Sign up for a morning yoga class, YES it must be morning. (If you don’t have a studio near you, follow a YouTube class.) Then, treat yourself to a big cup of coffee and write down three things you are grateful for.  If I had done this today I would have wrote down face cream, the repeat one song setting on Spotify, and pay day.  I’m mostly kidding, but I did reap the benefits of all three of those things today, and for that I am thankful.

Chat w/ you tomorrow.

XO, Lo
Feb 16, 2017 


(Images from SkyTing Yoga NYC)

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