You know the saying, ‘look good, feel good.’  I’m calling BS.

Rather it should be, ‘feel good, look good.’ Right? Because when your self confidence is high, and you’re feelin’ yourself, others notice.

Self confidence can most definitely not be bought. A trendy jacket won’t make you feel better about yourself, and even the most fabulous outfit will appear sub-par when your self confidence isn’t in check.  

So how do I improve my self confidence? 
  • Eat well.  Fueling your body with good, wholesome food is key to having confidence in it’s ability to perform at tip-top shape. Your skin, muscles, and energy levels will thank you.
  • Never stop improving. You can always be faster, stronger, more positive. Don’t allow yourself (or those around you) to settle with good enough, keep working everyday to be better.
  • Build others up. You’ll reap major benefits when you project positivity and encouragement on others. When you’re surrounded by happy, motivated people, you too will feel happy and motivated.
  • Be kind to yourself.  We are human, we make mistakes, and we fail.  Give yourself some grace when you mess up and use the experience as a lesson to improve.
  • Wear and do what you love. I’m huge on dressing to accommodate your own tastes and interests. Take influences from those around you, but keep things true to you. No need to cave to trends if they just aren’t your style.  If you want to wear denim jackets 3x your size or fuzzy socks, then by all means, do so!
  • Finally, accept that you are unique and there is only one you.  Just be yourself, do you, enjoy life on your own terms!

Toss on that metaphorical power suit of self-confidence and show the world around you who’s boss.

XO, Lo
Feb 26th, 2017

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