We don’t always get what we want. Eyebrows can’t always look 100. iPhone batteries won’t always be charged. And unfortunately, our attitudes won’t always be sweet and chipper.  No, we can’t always be ON 24/7. 

By ON I mean, the best versions of ourselves.  You know the Saturday night around 8pm version of yourself? Energized and glowing from a day in the sun, fully caffeinated, well-fed and a well-rested mind and a maybe little something sequin-y hanging from your body?  Ohh, so good.

What I’m really trying to get at here is that we all have grumpy, sad, tired, uninspired, clumsy, and lazy moments. We miss the train and get upset, say things we don’t mean, or eat too many cookies. It happens.

Great news– That’s okay!  If we were to be the awesome, motivated, and cheery humans we are at all other times, 100% of the time, people would probably hate us.  JK. But, we wouldn’t be human!

If you’re having an off day, as opposed to an ON one, spend some time with yourself navigating it. Cry if you need, take a nap, call your mom, order a pizza, sketch in your notebook, run really far, crawl under some blankets, go get your nails done– whatever you need to do to flip the switch. Or what you need to do to try and flip the switch, I know it doesn’t always happen overnight.

Realize that bad days, bad moods, and bad things happen. The key is all in how we let it affect us, how long we let it affect us, and how we treat others as it affects us.

Hope you’re having a very ON Monday.  I’d love it if you shared your best advice for flipping the switch in the comments below.

XO, Lo
Feb 27th, 2017


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