My Internet is down, which means I actually can’t really do any research or inspiration searching for this blog, which has in turn inspired me to write about being without the World Wide Web. I also can’t post this when I’m done writing it (bc I need the Internets), so fingers crossed the Wifi Gods rain down some grace on me. Actually I’m being dramatic, I’ll just hotspot my phone. Eye roll.

I’m a part of a generation that has never lived without the Internet. I’ve been sending emails since I could walk. Okay, I’m kidding, but I do rely heavily on the Internet for about 90% of the things I do and the way I live my life., i.e. getting that cash money (paycheck). I bet you do too— more so than you even realize. Here are some interesting things we may or may not be doing, including reading this blog post, without the World Wide Web we all love so dearly.

1. I’d be unemployed. My work relies on social media, sending emails, and running advertisements all over the Internet…so yeah without it I’d be pretty well out of work. In that case, I’d be traveling in and around Singapore. I decided months ago that if I ever found myself unemployed, that I’d travel solo to Singapore. I hear it’s a beautiful, clean, and safe city. None of you would see or hear about my amazing Singapore adventure, unless of course you were my pen pal, because there’d be no way to share it with you. i.e. no Instagram.

2. No Instagram!? I know, scary. With no Instagram, there’d be no influencers, no social driven photographers, no meeting and collaborating with strangers, and overall just a sad, sad millennial generation. Or would it be sad? Maybe it’d be liberating.

3. I haven’t been to a bank in over a year. All my baking happens on the Internet. I don’t even have a check book. I pay my rent with an app, check my balance on an app, and even order life necessities and pay for subscriptions…through an app.

4. Have you ever thought how nights out might change without the Internet? For starters, say good by to your ride share apps. Either flag a cab or take public transit to meet friends. There may be one photo taken the entire night, just for the memory, as opposed to a million taken plus 35 Boomerang tries for the perfect story, Insta, snap whatever. No using Google maps for directions and no ride sharing home. I think the plus side of the Internet when out and about the city is that it can help keep us safe!

4. What about when you need quick directions, want to pre-order concert tickets, or need to look up a fact? Forget it— no Internet.

5. No watching This is Us or Girls the day or two after. You’d have to actually be home on Tuesday’s at 8pm to catch the latest episode. And then, you’d also have to have cable, which most millennial have gone without since we were young enough to watch cartoons.

6. How did people find out about events and cool parties before the Internet? I imagine through their social network, and I don’t mean Facebook. But, without social media and the internet, our social networks would be solely IRL and much smaller, I’d have to believe. I rely on Instagram and Facebook to inform me on any rad pop-up shops, all female events, or cool new restaurants. I’d be a lot less in-the-know without it.

7. We’d still be reading books, magazines, newspapers, and buying CD’s. This one makes me sad, because I love magazines so much. Like, so much that I used to cut and paste and make them myself. I used to dream of having my writing printed in a glossy magazine. And now my best bet is being published on a LED lit screen.

8. Without the Internet we wouldn’t have hilarious YouTube videos, no FaceTiming with friends and family across the country, and no convenient order placing or shopping. But, we’d all enjoy a little more face time, a lot less screen time, and a lot more time to enjoy the simple things in life.


Have the best Thursday. If you’ve come this far and are still reading on day 15 or even if you just started reading– Thanks so much! <3

XO, Lo
March 2, 2017

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