The $30 dimly lit cycle class– bougie. The line out the door all vegan cafe selling $10 coconuts– bougie. Eating or doing anything, because it’s Insta-worthy–bougie. Am I guilty to any of these every now and then?  Yes.  But never the coconuts, I swear I know better.

So what is bougie? It’s slang for bourgeois which is often used in place of the words rich or materialistic. Bougie, pronounced ‘boo-shee’, is an adjective used to describe a typically middle class person who is financially secure in life (or pretends that they are) and comes off as pretentious or vain. It’s also often used to describe the places that those types of people may frequent, to withhold or validate their eliteness regardless of whether it is true or fabricated. Though incorrectly used in that context, a cafe may be considered ‘bougie’ because ‘bougie’ people frequent it.

Other things that might be considered ‘bougie’:
-Horseback riding (and not in the midwest, like at a stable in leather riding boots)
-Flower shops
-Private educations
-Galleries, of any sort
-Anything cafe or restaurant that trends on Instagram, but is overpriced
-Whole Foods
-Eating something trendy and expensive because it’s trendy and expensive i.e. acai bowls, avocado toast at restaurants ($13 for a half an avocado and a piece of bread?!), flaming or crystal coated beverages.

So yeah, the more you know right? There is really no point to this blog except to tell you that I learned a new word this month.  And yeah, I’ve fallen victim to a little bougie fun now and then (aka Soul Cycle classes and $4 vegan cinnamon rolls), but for the most part I keep it real.

Hope you do to.

XO, Lo
March 4, 2017

(Ps. What are you up to today? Let me know in the comments below…and WTF– HOOWWW is it March 4th already?!) 


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