You know what’s really hard? Picking what you want to eat for dinner at Panera Bread. I will stand in front of that board and under-eager cashier until I wither away, because how am I supposed to logically choose between broccoli cheddar soup and a Mediterranean salad when they are both so darn good.  Hungry, indecisive 24-year-olds are the reason they invented the You-Pick-2, you know that right?  But do I ever actually order the You-Pick-2?  No.  That would be much too easy, and I clearly like making things difficult.  Twenty minutes later, I’ve decided– I’ll take the salad, extra tomatoes. And what?  Do I want to add a pastry for $.99?  Gah!  How can I possibly make that call after I used all my will-power settling on the apple over the baguette. WHY SO MANY DECISIONS!?

I can’t believe I’m about to compare my life to ordering a bowl of lettuce at Panera Bread.  Please bare with me, I swear there is a point.

Sometimes there are so many choices in life, that it’s crippling to actually make a decision. Even at Panera Bread, where I know that whatever choice I make, I’ll end up satisfied, it’s so difficult. The same is with life. Even if all options lead to good things, sometimes making decisions can be terrifying.

I know there have been times in my life when I wish other’s would have made the decision for me or at least nudged me in the right direction.

But I think that’s part of the magic of being an adult. We are going to face some really, really scary decisions in our life. Some that are going to affect us personally, and some that will include other people. When the pressure feels too much and indecisiveness hits…how do we go about making these decisions? 

My best advice for decision making, and this no longer applies to ordering at Panera Bread, is to have patience. Never rush into making a decision if you have time to think and meditate on it.  Weigh the pros and cons, talk with loved ones, and visualize yourself in both sides of the decision before you make it. This will help you not only find clarity, but make that decision with a little or a lot more confidence.  Once you’ve decided, stick to it. Don’t go back and forth– especially with other people and their feelings are involved.

Good luck! Trust me, I know that decision making can be hard, especially during these monumental years in our developing lives. Choosing partners, what to spend our money on, where to live– it’s not easy, but I promise you got this!

As for your order at Panera– make a decision before the soccer mom behind you get’s feisty.

So excited to chat tomorrow! It’s International Women’s Day, and I’ve got something special planned.

XO, Lo
March 7, 2017



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