Does living life in a series of fun events, milestones, or trips make it move faster?  I’m attempting not to live my life in periods of exciting things planned, but the 25th birthday trip and visitors coming to NYC, those things help me get through cold winter months and long work weeks.

I, by all means, want to enjoy and experience my life to the fullest. With that being said, it can be hard to not wish for the days to go by quickly in excitement for something special.  Then, before you know it, that trip is here and gone, and you’re left thinking?  Wow, life moves so fast.

So my thoughts here wind down to this. I try and want to work harder to fill my day-to-day with things I love and look forward to in order to slow the weeks down a little, enjoy them, not simply going through the motions of my weekly routine.

A few things that have helped me with this so far:

Dinner parties. I love dinner parties! Invite 4-5 friends and ask them to bring a friend. Between people’s busy schedules you’ll have a nice little group to sit around the table with. Make it fun by sending an e-vite, making a Facebook page, or giving the dinner a cute theme or name. In the past month I’ve attended “Smart Ladies Do Dinner” with a predetermined discussion topic and “Dinner Doc Dance”, an evening of dinner, a documentary, and dancing. So fun, so easy.

Small random events. If you live in a big city, there are endless opportunities to attend meet-ups, running groups, or presentation.  I specifically love pop-up shops, designer collection displays, and events at The Wing.  If you’re thinking “Lauren, they don’t have pop-up shops in the middle of Iowa/Texas/whatever rural area you live in.” You’re right. But you could attend an event at the high school, a live music night at a bar or restaurant, or plan your own! Craft night? Book club? Can I Skype in? LOL

Morning activities. If getting to work is the first thing on your to-do list, make it your to-do #2. Stretch your day out a little by waking up earlier and reading in the morning, having coffee with a friend or coworker near the office, or going for a long walk. Anything extra special item you can squeeze in before the work day starts is key to really enjoying the fullness of your week.

So yes, I’m still super excited to having my mom in NYC next week, and I am really looking forward to exploring three new cities in the month of May, but the weeks in between are filling up with really great ‘life’ stuff helping to slow life down a bit and for that I am thankful!

If you’re wondering if I forgot to blog and post at 8am. The answer is yes. I guess you could say I was too busy enjoying my life. I knew it was bound to happen at some point, I’m only human!

Happy Saturday, enjoy something special today!

XO, Lo
March 11, 2017

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