Before I spend my day folding laundry and reading my book. I want to share with you a few things I’m really into at the moment.

  1. This EP. My roommate resurfaced it and we can’t stop listening.
  2. This smoothie. Because chocolate and PB in the morning.
  3. This is Us. But mostly just Justin Hartly.
  4. Man Repeller for everything, still. Goals, am I right?
  5. And based on my current surroundings, messy bedrooms, Chemex drip coffee, and Avon Anew skin care line.

Even if it’s just for an few hour or a few minutes, try to spend a little extra time screen-free today. I’ve been having really bad headaches, and can’t not assume screens in my workday and life play a role in that. So a detox it is!

Happy Sunday, friends!

XO, Lo
March 12, 2017

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