I know for a fact that fathers today don’t sit their sons down and give them a ‘ghosting is for cowards’ conversation (even though it is.)  I highly doubt that mothers sit their post-college daughters down to cover the basics of Netflix and Chill or how to interpret a direct message.  If so, bravo to the brave and intelligent parents of flaky and self-inflicted undateable, millennials.

If our parents aren’t sitting us down to cover the basics of dating in a social media and technology driven world, and our friends are swimming in the same sea of uncertainty, who is teaching our future significant others to be civil, kind, and dateable humans?

With so many new ways to connect with people, to meet people, and to dispose of them at that same time, who helps us navigate what is a decent and proper way to behave?  In my opinion, it all boils back to two things that our parents DID more than likely teach us: selflessness and the Golden Rule.

We’re a selfish generation. Why consider the feelings of other’s when we have our own to worry about? So many instances in regards to dating, fall short or get sticky because one person is more concerned about themselves than the other.  Successful relationships form when we put the other’s needs and wants before our own. Keep that in mind.

And the Golden Rule. You remember it right?  Thou shall not kill.  No…okay, well that too, but… treat other’s the way you want to be treated.  One more time, just to be sure you read that right. Treat other’s the way you want to be treated.

Getting ditched sucks, last minute cancelled plans with a flimsy excuse sucks, getting cheated on sucks.  None of us would want to be treated that way, but yet all too often we (referring to millennials) find ourselves in these situations. And why?  It’s because one person in the relationship didn’t consider how they may feel if the roles were reversed.  I understand that not every relationship is going to work out. But if it’s honesty and kindness that you would want from a partner who just wasn’t feeling it anymore, then by all means you owe that when roles are reversed. Be a decent person, dang it.

So there you go, that’s my best relationship advice.

be less selfish
treat others how you want to be treated

What’s your best advice for dating in 2017?  Please don’t say Bumble or going up to a random stranger on the subway, because I have very strongly ruled those two out. 😉

XO, Lo
March 14, 2017

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  1. Ha! So true. I feel like no one really knows how to date today. My best advice is to communicate clearly, making sure you are both on the same page with expectations.

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