Today, I’m just here to remind you of some really sweet, special things. These are moments in my life that I overlook, but occasionally I look back on or look forward to and simultaneously think, “Life is such a gift.”

  1. Falling asleep next to a friend or someone special on the Friday evening before a big event. Your friend or family have arrived, you had dinner and drinks, shared laughs, and made the final touches on decorations or planning.  All that’s left to do is to slowly make your way down or up the stairs, and rest up for the big day. You lay in bed with your friend, sister, or significant other chit-chatting in anticipation of the big day, whether it be a wedding, bachelorette party or holiday, and eventually drift off without saying goodnight.
  2. That moment on vacation when you’ve been at your destination long enough to enjoy it, but also have enough vacation left to feel excited about how much vacation you have left.
  3. The feeling when your shins get a little too warm next to a bonfire so you fold them up next to your body, which is covered in a plaid patterned blanket and cool your legs with the outside of your cold, watery beer can that for some bizarre reason tastes 10x better when drank next to a bonfire.
  4. Walking into a high school football game or other sporting event with an oversized hoodie draped over jeans and a blanket thrown over your arm. It probably smells like mowed grass or popcorn.
  5. Feeling with real honesty that someone else is perfect. Then telling them that.
  6. The feeling of nostalgia or excitement when a song that reminds you of something or someone comes on through your headphones at the exact moment that you 1) walk out of the subway station, 2) drive over a scenic bridge, or 3) hit a really great stride on your run.
  7. The first time you look at a friend or significant other while they are unaware, and having the thought, “Damn, that is one cool and attractive human and they like hanging out with me. I’m so lucky.”
  8. When it’s 11:00PM in the evening and both you and your roommate/significant other/sibling are hyper and need to release energy so you find yourself on a walk, in the middle of a dance party, or sliding down the hallway in your socks to release any unkempt energy, before throwing yourself on the couch in a fit of laughter and gasping for breath.
  9. Laying on your back in a weird, random place, like the middle of the kitchen, with someone you love, because it just feels like the right thing to do.
  10. Getting a long text after a night out with an old friend, significant other, parent, reminding you how great they think you are and how much you mean to them.
  11. Having dinner plans or a party to go to the evening after you’ve gotten your hair washed and cut.
  12. Feeling the ground with your feel and legs after taking off roller skates or ice skates.
  13. Having more than enough time to get dressed and ready for a fun evening out. Your outfit is picked out and hanging on the back of the door, your make up is strategically placed on the counter, and you’ve poured a glass of wine. All the playlist you’ve been compiling is playing, even though it doesn’t match the mood of the evening you’re about to have.
  14. Accidentally holding hands with your grandmother a little too long.
  15. Smiling at someone who you know loves it when you smile at them. Making them smile because of it.


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