I thought about Alice and Wonderland today. I mostly thought about how I didn’t like the human remake in a discussion over the new Beauty and the Beast movie, and how I’ve already decided I don’t like it. I don’t like any human version Disney movies, but also because I am in disagreement with the size of the horns on the Beast. Anyways, if you see it let me know what you think, but I can’t promise you I won’t text through the entire thing once it comes out on Netflix. Sorry, Emma.

So Alice and Wonderland. Now that’s a Disney character I can relate to. Sweet, sweet Alice is curious and a little naive. And where does that curiosity lead her? Down a rabbit hole. This rabbit hole that I will now metaphorically compare to my (and your) life.

Alice falls blissfully into a situation where she’s alone, meeting new people (some she can trust and some she can’t), making poor choices, and being forced to make decisions that will take her somewhere.  Alice is US!

We are essentially in our own wonderland, just trying to figure out how to get home, or make a place home, or find whatever home might be in one way or another. We get confused and lost, we make poor decisions (i.e. eat to much bread and make friends with shady characters), and meet people who cause us setbacks and some who help us navigate life a little easier.  Alice is very confused and sometimes sad, but she giggles a lot and also loves everyone around her.

You now have an excuse to re-watch Alice in Wonderland. I bet you are a lot more like Alice than you realize.

XO, Lo
March 16, 2017

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