Ever had one of those days where you crawl into bed, your body sore from moving so much, mind racing motivated and excited, overwhelmed with happy feelings?  You think, “Man, if only everyday could be this good.”   It’s likely that when we have those feelings at the end of the day it’s because we unintentionally tapped into all four happy hormones.

Friends in particular can give off these hormones.  In fact, the unique qualities and actions of our friends give us these different hormones. Find friends that give you all four and you’ve sealed the deal on a life of happy days.

Endorphins– You’ll soak up endorphins from the friend that asks you to go for a run, shares a playlist with you, or makes you laugh. A key part of happiness, this friend triggers your endorphins by giving good energy and encouraging FUN.

Serotonin– Serotonin is shared by your spiritual friend. This friend blesses the meals you eat together, sends cards in the mail, and drinks green tea.  You will feel compassion and have positive thoughts when hanging with this friend.

Dopamine– My favorite happy hormone, dopamine is found in the friend who pushes you out of your comfort zone, urges you to set goals, and makes you want to get better. With this dopamine giving friend you will challenge yourself and find extra ambition.

Oxytocin– Gain oxytocin in your life from your loving friend. This is the friend always giving hugs and cuddles. Oxytocin is transferred by their love, touch, trust and passion.

Thankful for the friends that shared the good vibes yesterday, and everyday. You can see a glimpse of my day here.

Tomorrow, chat with you then.

XO, Lo
Feb 19, 2016

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