The cool thing about writing is that everyone can do it. Whether you know where a semi colon does or does not go, and no matter how terrible at writing you think you may be, you have a voice and are very capable of sharing it.

The actual art of sharing your own voice with unspoken words…that’s writing. Writing is a talent that comes naturally for some, however writing or translating your personal voice into words is also skill that can be learned.

People have said to me:

Oh, I could never be a writer
I can talk and share, but I can’t put it on paper
I’m a terrible writer

I don’t believe any of that to be true. I think anyone can be a writer, especially by following these tips:

Shed Fear – Writing words for others to read requires vulnerability and courage. Shed the fear that someone may judge what you have to say, and just say it (with your words.)

Practice – I keep a journal of my thoughts, feelings, experiences, and to-do’s. I even go as far as journaling what I spend my money on and what I eat. It seems crazy, but even writing the most mundane things can help you shape your voice and become a better writer.

Read More – Reading is the absolute best way to learn new styles of writing and to broaden your vocabulary. Spend time reading or listening to many styles, genres, and mediums to become a better writer and story teller.

Let Your Personal Style Shine – By allowing your personal style to shine through your writing, you can develop and refine your writing voice as it would naturally sound if you were speaking. Write grammatically correct, but use your natural voice to share your thoughts.

I’ll end with this (I could write a whole separate blog on just this next idea.) I have the word ‘writer’ in my Instagram bio describing myself to those who may not know me. Why? Because it is an affirmation (and a truth.) I may not have a published book or weekly feature in a magazine, but because I write, and write often, I am a writer.

If you have a pen and paper, you are a writer.
If you run a just a mile, you are a runner.
If you capture photos through a lens, you are a photographer.

You have the ability to be whatever you want to be, and are capable of attaining that simply by practicing it. You don’t need high achievements to consider yourself worthy of a certain title.

And with that being said, it’s probably best not to tell me, “I’m a terrible writer,” because I may just go off on a tangent.

Take care, Monday babes. Talk with you tomorrow.

XO, Lo
Feb 20th, 2016

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