Prior to thirty straight days of blogging each day, I let you know that we would cover:
things I love
things I don’t love
things I feel
things I notice
things that make me want to jump for joy
and maybe even things that make me want to scream

What a great challenge writing for 30 days straight was. I had to get strict with my schedule and turn down some later nights to ensure I had time to write. I woke up easier in the morning, excited to post and share with you all. In fact, even the nights I was up until 2am writing (about 10 of the 30 days…), I was up at 7am to make sure everything posted okay. I felt so driven, inspired, and accomplished throughout the entire process. I loved that a group of unknown readers kept me accountable to writing each day for 30 days, and I can’t wait to try it again.

Feelings throughout the process:
I had one two many glasses of wine and forgot to write one particular evening. I woke up that next morning and wrote a rushed, crappy post, but a post nonetheless.

I felt worried about over posting on Instagram, and took a few days off from promoting here and there. Then, I wondered if you thought I forgot to post. I reminded myself who I was doing this exercise for, and my anxiety lessened.

Sometimes, I felt tired and a little discouraged. Other times, excited and uplifted.

I received amazing feedback and positive criticism. A few people reached out asking for advice on starting their own blog. People shared that they are happy I’m writing again. I’m happy, too!

Each day I shared something special to me, and I would love for you to catch up on any days you might have missed. If you read throughout or this is your first post, thank you!

Day 1: I’m feeling excited for the next 30 days, inspired, and coming off a yoga high, so I write about the benefits of daily yoga.

Day 2: I decide my blog is not a place to hold back. I jump right into talking about body image. It’s an important and confusing subject for me. I take the side of, what if I’m not a body positive person. I wonder if this entry will annoy people before deciding to push publish.

Day 3: Everyone loves a good list. This one is right in the wake of SOLID GOLD Instagram-ing during NYFW, which I live for. I still think these 5 brands are pretty rad, and that you should check them out.

Day 4: I attended a Meeting of the Minds workshop, which inspired this post. This is the first daily blog in which I stay up extremely late writing because of a busy life schedule. This is the first of many days like that.

Day 5: In the wake of searching for guest bloggers for my site I get the response, “Oh, no way.  I’m a terrible writer” too many times to count. Maybe this post should have been about self confidence? IDK. The truth is if you can form a sentence you are a writer. I explained that thought on Day 5.

Day 6: Today’s blog is about something relevant in today’s fashion pop culture. Staying on top of things, you know?  I’m not huge on news-y writing, but none the less I wrote about Nasty Gal going bankrupt, because I adore Sophia Amoruso.

Day 7: A whiny blog.  I eventually got the matcha. My day was better because of it.

Day 8: When I sat down to write this blog, I was also sitting down to watch an episode of This is Us with my roommates. A cup of ginger tea and a few questions later, and just like that a blog post is born. This is the first of many days in which my roommates comment on my distracted state in the living room, because I’m wrapped up in blog writing.

Day 9: I’m not a huge fan of the word trend. Or succumbing to following trends. But I talk here about 5 of them you could try out if you fancy.

Day 10: Day 10 is a blog post about adult friendships.  I got some really great feedback on this one, and even a text saying, “I read your blog and I texted so-and-so for coffee because of it.”  I live for those kinds of responses. I screenshot and reread them all the time.

Day 11: Need to work on your self confidence? Read daily blog #11.

Day 12: Today’s blog was one that just flows from your head to your typing finger tips. ie. my random thoughts and feelings spewed into a blog post. I can’t remember if it was a bad day that inspired this, but it’s about feeling okay with not being your best self every single day. We’re human, and that’s perfectly okay!

Day 13: Day 13 is a FUN one and has very, very cute photos of my younger years. Read about the evolution of my beauty routine.

Day 14: I was thankful when Brooke sent me this video, because it was a good excuse to head to bed a little early.  We had fun chatting over what I love about living in NYC while I ate a cookie and said ‘like’ a lot.  So, watch daily blog #14 rather than reading! Try and count how many times I say like, and report back, because I lost count…

Day 15: I made it halfway; two whole weeks of blogging every day. It’s been fun, and I’m inspired and motivated by the feedback and responses I’ve received. My internet is down (come to find out it was actually just accidentally unplugged) so I very creatively write about that.

Day 16: On day 16, I felt excited for all that I have planned on International Women’s Day, so I shared some tips for getting involved. Since March 8th has come and gone read this post (posted on International Women’s Day) instead.

Daily 17: My first go at a click-bait headline. HA. Bougie/boujee– still don’t know how it’s properly spelled, but before moving to NYC I’d never heard the word before. So I talk about in on day 17. (I have to admit– I love bougie coffee shops and cafes, and I’m not ashamed.)

Day 18: Day 18 was a hard day for me, and it’s inspired my favorite of all 30 blogs.  It was a sunny, chilly Saturday here in NYC and a sunny, warm Saturday in Iowa where all of my best friends and their moms were together for our annual winery tour.  My best friends Facetimed me, and as amazing as it was to see them having such a great time, I had to hold back tears. It’s really hard to navigate life when you’re so far from your loved ones, but also wanting to live out your dreams. I’m constantly pulled back and forth between the notion of “is it worth it?”  This is a really great read, and the highest read blog in all 30 day (not including International Women’s Day Post).

Day 19: I was tired this day, and a short, but powerful blog was a result. I share about the little things in life, they’re so important.

Day 20:  My best advice on decision making is readily available in daily blog #20. It’s an entertaining comparison between ordering at Panera Bread and making life decisions.

Day 21: International Women’s Day. More than 1.1k people globally visited my site today to read a post featuring 25 inspiring millennial women.  If you haven’t read it, you should.

Day 22: I’m still on a total high from International Women’s Day.  I did, however meet the former editor of Seventeen magazine. I recognized her solely from the inside of the magazine, which I read often and idolized as a teen.  I write about being fearless today, because I was courageous enough to introduce myself to her and felt really proud of that.

Day 23: Long days have me so excited for the weekend– & I’m in desperate need some self care!  I did all 5 of the ideas highlighted in this blog and it was magical. You should try them this weekend.

Day 24: Today’s daily blog was inspired by my looking forward to all the exiting things I have planned in the next few months. I was looking forward to them almost so much that I felt like I wasn’t taking advantage of my present. This helped.

Day 25: I spent day 25 doing some of my favorite things around Manhattan. No music, no Instagram, and no blogging. Just a quick post in the morning and I signed off for the day.

Day 26: I read an article that summed up my feelings in daily blog #2 better than I could. So I write about that and share an article about body neutrality.

Day 27: Decent people are a rarity it seems sometimes. My question is with dating norms changing as fast as the iPhone updates, how could our parents possibly teach us how to appropriately treat others within those norms? If we aren’t learning it at home, who is teaching us to be decent to each other?

Day 28: This blog is meant to remind you of someone, make you feel warm and fuzzy, and put a smile on your face. It did all three for me.

Day 29: My mom is coming in approximately 13 hours, but I need to sleep and I have a 9 hour workday all before that…I’m stressing out about a deadline and honestly pretty nervous that my mom is coming. I’m sorry that this blog is a reflection of those feelings, because it lacks some major luster.

Day 30: Did anyone notice that I didn’t write a blog on day #30? Sorry, MY MOM IS HERE!


COMMENTS are open– I would love to hear about your favorite post.

XO, Lo

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