Back in November I found myself in a situation where I had to make a choice. I could choose to join a conversation in which two women were blatantly putting down another woman’s Instagram photos, or I could choose to encourage empowering words as opposed to degrading.  The moment I did the latter, the conversation fizzled.  Regardless, I really ached over that situation as I walked to an event at The Wing that evening.  Especially since I had just moved to NYC and had no real girlfriends other than my roommates.  I was in no situation to put down other females when I so longed to have my own group of girls here in the city.

Now even more antsy to find a girl community, I made my way to 45 E. 20th St. and stepped off the tight squeeze elevator into what appeared to be a 12th floor Instagram-able dreamland. My eyes clung to the monochromatically organized book shelves lit by dainty tea light candles as I spanned the pink-hued room for a seat.  I was late, the show had already started, but I managed to grab a seat next to a lovely dressed woman and breathed a deep breath of Anthropologie scented air. Pink couches and neon signs amongst a room of other eclectic furniture and women who appeared to have respectably walked straight out of a magazine had me in awe. It wasn’t until I came down from the candy-coated girl high floating around the room and took a sip of my sparkly champagne beverage that I remembered there was a show to watch.

For the first time since moving to New York, I found myself surrounded by women I aspired to know and build community with, and I had yet to meet a single one of them.  I needed a community of strong women.  I needed a community of empowering and inspiring women. I didn’t need any more of a sign to know that I had found it at The Wing. Sitting in my stool that evening, pink champagne in hand, I decided The Wing was my ticket to the girl community I was searching for.

I’ve been in New York about six months now. I walk into The Wing and ladies not only know me by name, but they call me Lo. Amazing women, some of whom I’ve never met, support me on Instagram, and cheer me on via email. I’ve chatted about goals and worked on building my dreams in that space for hours, and every single time I step off the elevator I feel inspired and relieved to have a home base in the middle of Manhattan.

Photo by New York Magazine

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