By Rachael Bedell

I think anybody that has ever scrolled through social media today is aware that body image is a major issue in our society. There is a constant battle of helpful and harmful information towards a healthy body image. Have you experienced the pressure towards looking perfect and made judgements of what people are eating and doing, then in return compared that to what you are eating and doing? You’re not alone.

We talk ourselves up to believe we have the right to judge and compare. We assume the skinny girl won’t eat the doughnut or the fitness queens only workout for a living – lets be real – you have not a damn clue what their life is like. We have no idea what lies beneath their Instagram filters & clever captions.

Here’s the thing –-

I love food, like I really love food. I’m the girl who is thinking about their next meal while still eating one. I’m the girl that always has snacks in her purse. I’m the girl who will eat a large pizza, unbutton her pants, and then go for ice cream. I’m also the girl that will prioritize a workout, that packs her own lunch, and will choose a salad over fries (sometimes).

I eat my chicken & vegetables at my desk, and people walk by and tell me to “eat real food” or that I “need to enjoy myself.” However, when I do eat pizza, ice cream, burgers, fries – the works, people will ask me why I’m “not fat” or “you eat that & look like that?” or they assume I have “great genes & a fast metabolism.”  Little do these people know, I’ve had my own struggles throughout life and, sometimes, still struggle.

You know Little Miss Sunshine?  Yeah, that was me as a kid and with two collegiate runners as sisters. So needless to say, I’ve grown up with a major complex of being the chubby one, regardless of what my fat percentage is. I have lived too much of my 25 years of life worrying about how my stomach might look if I have one more slice.

I went through phases of trying to cut everything out, which usually led to me binging on anything I could get my hands on. I went through phases of trying to work off anything I ate, which led to the guilt train.  All of this only to realize I was making myself miserable for not living life and enjoying something that truly makes me happy – FOOD!  Now, I’m not saying I started to shove my face with pizza every time the opportunity presented itself, but I started to find balance. Balance in that I can have a salad on Monday, pizza on Tuesday, and a glimmer of a six pack and feel damn good about it.

I’m not here to tell you to eat more greens or how many times a week you should work out. I’m here to tell you to do whatever the hell you want to do and don’t apologize for it. Also, let people do the same.  You have no idea what someone else’s life is like, you don’t know what it’s like to be in their shoes, so let them do their damn thing and you do yours!

Eat that pizza & then put your bikini on because you do you girl. Rachael is queen of all things food and coffee. She blogs about that and other fun food adventures at Slice Slice Baby. Give her a follow on Instagram @SliceBaby or check out her latest post including all the wonderful foods she tasted and cooked in March here

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