It’s 10:30pm on Wednesday night. My roommates, Lena and Milly, and I all finally made it home from our very different days in the city to watch This Is Us together.  Multitasking, I have my laptop out ready to write my blog for the day. I was planning to write about building others up, based on something I experienced throughout my day, but instead my roommates suggested I write about being a good roommate. They clearly think I’m qualified to write about this.  Before we start our show and as everyone wrangles up snacks, I’ve got some questions for my girls. (Sorry Kelly, I wish I had thought of this before you headed to bed.)

Lauren: Ok so, what makes a good roommate?

Milly: Coffee.  Oh no, um…being there to listen to your roomies vent. If they come in at a time when they want to vent and talk, it’s important to be a good listener and a good talker.

After a long day in the city, there is always a ton to share, vent, or gossip about. Being available to your roommates for conversation and support when they need is is definitely key to being a great roomie.

Lauren: What’s your favorite thing to talk about together?

Milly:  Just chit chat. It’s nice because we have goofy and serious talks.

Lauren: But mostly goofy. Lena, what makes a good roommate?

Lena: Good energy.  The ability just have a relaxed environment in the apartment. And to be able to turn any situation into a positive.

Good answer. Our apartment is definitely our safe and cozy space for us to retreat to.  Coming home to relax with roommates, who also double as close friends, makes the work week so much more fun.

Lena: Oh, and also being able to compromise, and learning to share.

Milly: Yeah, learning to share.

Lauren: So, what do you NOT want to share? Anything?

Lena: Milly doesn’t like sharing her vegan pots and pans.

Lauren: I didn’t even know we had that.

Lena: I don’t know honestly, we share everything pretty well.

It’s true, from slices of bread to hats and gloves, we take care of each other when we need to. It’s so nice to know that my roommates have me covered if I need something, and they know they can rely on me for anything as well, whether it’s a spoonful of peanut butter or some cash for laundry.

Lauren: So what makes a bad roommate?

Lena: People who are very opinionated. To the point they are difficult to talk to.

Milly: Everything has to be my way. Duh.

Lauren: Typical. What’s your favorite thing about our apartment?

Lena: The skylights and the open space, because no matter where you are in the apartment you can spend time with each other.

Milly: What do you mean?

Lauren: Like, why do you love living with Lena and I?

Milly: It’s chill. Um…I think it’s being able to kick back, and that we always see each other at the end of the day.  It’s nice to be relaxed and comfy together.

Lena: I thought you meant what’s my favorite thing about the actual apartment. I like that we are all such different characters and we enjoy doing different things and have different places to be, but we have a lot of cool ideas and opinions that just click together.

Milly: Alright should we watch this episode? Lauren let me know if you need more awesome advice.

We’re all very emotionally invested in This Is Us, and at this point Milly is clearly over roommate questions and has no idea I just wrote an entire blog.

I’m not sure if we covered all the basics of what makes a good roommate, but I know that we have a house dynamic that totally works.

I personally think the key to our roomie bliss is this:
We respect and support each other’s different opinions and passions
We share and compromise
We have fun, we dance in the living room, and we make a point to spend time together

We’ve got a great thing going, and I can’t end this blog without one inside joke, AM I RIGHT LADIES??

XO, Lo
Feb 23, 2017

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