Lauren’s Responses to Inspiring Woman Blog

Lauren, friends (and my dad <3) call me Lo
Age: 24
City: New York City, NY
Career: Digital Marketing Strategist
Dream Career: Writer and entrepreneur
Instagram: @lo_moore

What is your favorite way to be active. Why do you love it?:
I love long walks around the city. I could walk for hours on any given Saturday, exploring and popping into shops and cafes. Without even trying I’ll hit 10 miles by just exploring around Manhattan all day.

Three ways you get inspired:
Some of my most motivated and inspiring days have started out precisely like this:
1) Attend a yoga class, circuit workout, or go for a run
2) Walk for too long, preferably across the Brooklyn Bridge
3) Make coffee in the Chemex, slowly getting ready, and allowing myself time to enjoy the process and meditate on my thoughts before starting the day

You find yourself in a slump, how do you motivate yourself?
I like spending time alone when I’m down or feeling out of it. I can usually muster up my own motivation by reenergizing with alone time.  This is interestingly a characteristic of an introvert, which one would never guess me to be.  But sometimes I need time with my headphones in, solo weekend trips, or an evening locked in my room to get back on track.

What makes you feel strong?
The support I receive from my friends makes me feel strong.

The best thing a woman can be is? 

What issue regarding women is important to you and how are you supporting it?
I didn’t date much in college, because I was so invested in my friendships. I think as a result I started having this girl power mentality because I was so in control of every aspect of my life and really relied on my girlfriends for support and FUN! I am lucky to have experienced really powerful friendships and love the bond and connection that females are capable of creating with each other.  I love empowering other women to be the best they can be. Everyday I’m trying to get better, so why not bring others along on that journey?  That’s essentially what I’m working towards through my writing and this blog.  I know a blog can seem self serving– like ‘look at me and my outfits’ but it’s not like that for me.  If I can inspire one person, motivate one woman, or make even the smallest impact on someone– I’ll have accomplished at least one goal.

I think in 2017 it’s important that women…because…
treat each other with respect and build each other up because if we don’t who will?

What advice would you give a young woman about seeking a career?
Do as many things as you can outside of an actual workplace that will help you create the career you want. Meet tons of people, create, and work for free when you need to. Most of all, work really really hard.

For Fun —
List three things you love right now:
1. Coffee dates with Carsen. Literally don’t know what I would do without him.
2. Faux fur coats. Big, colorful, comfy, cozy faux fur coats. This brand in particular.
3. Dark chocolate of all shapes, sizes and variety. I put cacao powder in my oatmeal…the obsession is real.

What is a goal you have in 2017? Why is it important?
In 2017 I am taking better care of my skin! I’ve already seen amazing improvements just by taking my makeup off every evening (which–shriek– I never used to do!) and moisturizing.  Now, when I get home after a long day and the first thing I do is clean my face.  I am loving the products I use and find that I moisturize about three times a day. I have been wearing way less foundation as a result. It’s been amazing. I’m going to write about it, and when I do I’ll link here.

I feel most confident when I’m wearing… a tiara. JK– J.Crew high waisted jeans and Steve Madden boots.

Who do you aspire to be more like? Why?
Leandra Medine of Man Repeller. She is honest, and open, and funky. I love her style and her brutal honestly. She has shared very personal and vulnerable posts on her blog, which is something I admire. She does it in a way that make me have compassion and pride, rather than sympathy or guilt. She recently practiced 30 days of yoga at the same studio I attend classes at. I’m just waiting for the day I bump into her, or better yet share a class with her.  I. Will. Die.