That’s right, your freak flag. You know, the metaphorical flag of weirdness, independence, and true individuality that only you can raise above your head, arms flailing, flag waving while dressed in your bathrobe in public. Your freak flag screams, “I am unique; I don’t care what you think; I’m high on life and ready to party!”

I recently had a dear friend text me wishing me well on my upcoming move. I’ll share so I can come back and read this, over and over and over. The best compliment and motivation shoved into one text message. Pure text message gold. You go Ash!

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Sweet, right? Everyone needs a friend like Ashley. The kind that supports you, builds you up, and appreciates your own bit of weird.  Having also read Sophia Amoruso’s #Girlboss novel, my friend Ashley understands and embraces the freak flag reference herself.  She totally gets it.  Can I get an AMEN for friends who get it?

Here’s the thing about having friends who also know how to hoist their flags of freakiness way up in the air.  Ashley and my own freak flags are totally different! When my friend Ash lets her freak flag fly she’s sending filtered Snapchats that have me on the floor in literal pain from laughter, or she’s flailing to Taylor Swift singing more than slightly off-key.  Her freak flag is colorful, far from subtle, and more than likely, covered in glitter.

When my freak flag is full staff I’m experimenting with patterns, tying accessories around my neck that weren’t meant to be worn as a neckwear, unsuccessfully imitating Beyonce’s 7/11 video in my best friend’s living room, or non-discretely propping my iPhone in random corners to snap the perfect outfit photo.

Ash and I are so different in how we express ourselves, and that’s totally okay!  In fact, it’s more than okay! This leads me to believe that you too have a freak flag.  Although it is different from Ashley and my form of the phrase, it’s uniquely your’s and perfect because of that.

Flying your freak flag isn’t about trying hard to look strange, or acting like a complete psycho for the hell of it. Unless of course, that’s how you prefer to express yourself. Flying your freak flag is about being yourself, finding joy in the small things, and living life how you darn well please.


We’re all different, and we have the opportunity to express our individuality unlike anyone else.  That’s one of my favorite things about being human, and I’ll continue to take full advantage of it.  I hope you will too!

So cheers to all of you holding the flag of freakiness high above your head.  If you’re stuck at half mass on the freak flag pole, I challenge you to fly a little higher each day!

Like always: You and me, we got this!

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