As I’m sure we all are, I’m excited for spring!  This 70′ weather we’re having is such a tiny tease into all the wonderful that spring will bring: lunch dates on the patio, lighter layers, and brighter colors. For me personally, it means extra special visitors in NYC, turning 25 from the inside of a tent, and longer, more comfortable miles ran around Manhattan.

Talking brighter color and lighter layers specifically– I couldn’t help but kick-start my spring wardrobe pairing these off-white overalls with monochrome pieces to accentuate the pops of color in my eyeshadow, purse strap and sunglasses.

If you’ve ever tried overalls on, only to feel like a lumpy, frumpy, gardening grandmother. You’re not alone. I struggle to find a great pair as well, and I try them on often because of it!  Belting overalls or cinching them at the waist with a jacket is a great way to get a little more figure flattering shape out of the look. But regardless, overalls have to be the most comfy, carefree spring staple.

For my green-eyed girls. Do not underestimate the power of a pink eyeshadow (or blush as eyeshadow.) Even the most subtle splash of color will have those green eyes visible from across the street.

Colored lenses, and out-there shades, are a fun way to add color to an otherwise monochrome outfit. Something to note is that I do NOT buy expensive sunglasses. They get scratched in my purse, lost in the lake, or sat on by my clumsy self. These are a $14 pair from a random website online.

Enjoy this lovely weather, and good luck on your hunt for a great pair of overalls. If you find some, let me know!

Like always, you and me we got this!

XO, Lo


Overalls and Hat Urban Outfitters, Sweater Zara, Jacket Fossil, Purse and Strap Aldo, Shoes HM 

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