Tricky territory. Crossing the street while texting, eating anything from a bodega, shopping new trends. All tricky territory. With that being said, there are some really simple trends right off the cusp of NYFW that will be fun and easy to master in your own way.

Vintage Floral Prints – But not just any florals, think the florals on your grandmother’s couch, as said by Man Repeller. I like the idea of vintage florals on shoes and stitched on denim for spring.

Shoulder Lean – Something about the strong lines of collar bones and a subtle back tease is a YASSS in my book. I’d suggest pulling a button-up collared shirt off a single shoulder or an asymmetrical top for full on shoulder showin’ magic.

Light Pink, Dark Pink, One Pink, Two Pink – Lots of pink, everywhere. I’m head over heels for pink trench coats, pink fuzzy sweaters, and pink sneakers. One more time. Pink, everything.

Glammed Up Comfy Clothes – Contrary to what Carrie and Miranda led us all to believe, New Yorkers are surprisingly casual. I would guess it has something to do with the fact that no one lives right near work/social activities/the gym and that it’s a lot less hellish to commute around the city in a hoodie and jeans than, well basically anything else. A hoodie with gold jewelry. Track pants and sassy boots. I’m into it.

Let It Shine – Pants, jackets, sequined anything. The more light the piece reflects, the better.

Good luck <3 Chat tomorrow.

XO, Lo
Feb 24, 2017

Image from Vogue

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