Stevie Nicks had it right when she said, ‘don’t blame it on me, blame it on my wild heart.’  There is something to be said for any twenty something who is both blessed and cursed with a wild heart.  There are both good and bad lessons to be learned from having a spirit that wanders and an attitude that changes with the wind.  Any wild-hearted woman could agree that though this word often used to categorize us seems fun, it’s not always easy being the independent, strong-willed, wild-hearted women that we are.  I’ve experienced hurt, struggle, excitement, and wonder in my 20s, and I’ll continue to blame those experiences, both good and bad, on this wild heart of mine.  What’s it mean to have a wild heart? Below I explain and give a few reasons why it’s both a blessing and a curse.

1.  Women with wild hearts tend hurt others to avoid being hurt themselves. 

With a fight as strong as seven army nation, wild-hearted women know when to charge before surrendering.  We know how to protect ourselves, and will do so with any measure it may take.  The guards we place around our heart know when to stand at ease and when to stand at attention for attack.  It doesn’t take much for those guards to protect the wild heart behind them, and they will do so with any sense of attack or hurt.

2.  Wild-hearted women make mistakes, then own up to them.

Our wild hearts have a tendency to push others over the edge, cause trouble, or place us in questionable situations.  Our careless attitudes and adventurous spirits cause us to make mistakes, burn bridges, and make decisions that hurt ourselves and others.  However, wild-hearted women will admit when we are wrong, because we know it will always come back to us.  Our actions, experiences, and mistakes, are always a result of our own wild-hearted decisions.  We’d rather own up and place blame on ourselves than suffer the consequences of placing blame on others.  We own up to the decisions of our wild heart, and move on.

3.  When wild-hearted women love, they do so with passion, compassion, and everything they have.

Believe it or not, wild hearts can be tamed, and when they are, they love whole heartedly.  Because of our intense emotion towards the objects and people surrounding us, we feel the need to immensely love those who are worth it. Whether it’s evergreen trees, or a human being, a wild-hearted woman does not take love and emotions or relationships and friendships lightly.  If a woman with a wild heart gives you her love, it is fully and truly given.

4.  Wild-hearted woman seek adventure and make great friends and companions. 

Wild-hearted women have a knack for adventure, soul searching, and experience.  They build relationships on the very experiences, memories, and deep connections they make while adventuring.  If opportunity arises to befriend an adventure-filled, wild-hearted woman, do so.  Our constant need for adventure and new experiences make us great friends and companions.

5.  A wild-hearted women is independent, because it’s easier.

For a wild-hearted woman it is easier to depend solely on ourself than on others.  Fearful of being let down or embarrassed, we’d rather do things alone.  Even when we can’t embrace our independence, we’ll do our best to make sure that it seems as though we are.  Our pride will get in the way, and we may not ask for help, even if we need it.

6.  A wild heart makes for an exciting, thrilling, and blessed life.

Wild-hearted women are always grateful.  We are grateful for experiences, relationships, memories, and life itself.  Having a wild heart is a beautiful and blessed way to live. Our constant need to seek positive light and find sources of happiness leaves us in a constantly fulfilled and grateful mindset.

For those of you who fit the above categories with me, we are lucky, wild-hearted women. It’s a blessing and a curse, but there is no fighting who we are.

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